free spins slots canada-Proposed Comelec new building to go ‘green’ – Manila Bulletin

Time:2022-09-26 14:55:22 source:free spins slots canada

Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chairman George Garcia on Monday, Sept. 5, conducted an ocular inspection of the property where their proposed main office will be built in Pasay City.


Garcia was joined by Commissioners Socorro Inting and Rey Bulay, and other poll officials.

Julius Thaddeus Hernan of the Comelec Administrative Services Department, revealed that the Commission is planning to build three structures in the more than two hectares lot.

He said the buildings will house the different Comelec offices, an auditorium, the Comelec Academy among others.

Hernan added that it will be a “green” building.

“It will have water recycling facilities so even the rain water can be converted into something useful,” he said.

“We will also materials that are environment friendly. In fact, we have solar panels so it can generate us some savings in our electric consumption. The windows are slanted to deflect the direct heat of the sun so that the temperature inside will be lowered making the requirement for airconditioning much lower,” added Hernan.

Garcia, meantime, expressed hope that their budget will be increased so they can start the construction of their new building.

The Comelec is currently leasing several facilities, including the 5th, 7th, and 8th floors of the Palacio del Gobernador building in Intramuros, Manila.