New Bingo Casinos Philippines-Funerals in Northern Ireland 'at risk of delay' unless laws extended

Time:2022-09-26 14:09:43 source:New Bingo Casinos Philippines
Flowers and candles sit on top of a coffinImage source, Getty Images
Image caption, A date for a person's funeral cannot be confirmed until after their death has been registered

Funerals in Northern Ireland at are risk of delay unless laws to ease the death management process are extended, Stormont has been warned.

The legislation was introduced during the Covid pandemic to allow electronic certification instead of paper-based.

But without a functioning government it will expire on 24 September.

BBC News NI has seen a letter from the National Association of Funeral Directors to Stormont's finance department.

In it, the association's chief executive officer, Jon Levett, said allowing the deadline to lapse would have a "significantly negative effect" on how deaths are certified and processed in Northern Ireland.

It would mean a return to an in-person and paper-based system from 25 September.