slot lady sarah-Court IT system 'putting justice at risk', staff claim

Time:2022-09-26 15:08:30 source:slot lady sarah
Magistrates' benchImage source, Getty Images

An IT system is causing key information about court cases in England and Wales to change or disappear and is putting justice at risk, the BBC has been told.

One legal adviser revealed how he entered a driving ban in the system, called Common Platform, only to later discover the result had changed.

Staff say warnings about alleged faults, describing it as "fundamentally flawed", have been ignored.

The government said there was no evidence justice is being compromised.

Common Platform was built to replace outdated software in the criminal courts with one system which allows judges, lawyers, the CPS and courts to access case information in one place.

The new system, which started going live in 2020 and has a £300m budget, is being used in 136 courts in England and Wales - equivalent to 60% of the total - with the rest due to adopt it by early next year.