gcash casino-Teesta Setalvad: India activist gets bail in 2002 Gujarat riots case

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Teesta SetalvadImage source, Getty Images
Image caption, Teesta Setalvad has long fought for victims of the deadly 2002 riots in Gujarat state

India's Supreme Court has granted bail to a leading activist, two months after she was arrested on allegations she faked documents about riots in 2002.

Teesta Setalvad has long fought for victims of the violence in Gujarat state and accuses PM Narendra Modi, who was then chief minister, of complicity.

She was arrested in June on charges of "forgery and fabricating evidence" in a riots case.

Her arrest was widely condemned by global rights groups.

It also sparked protests - with critics accusing Mr Modi and his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government of targeting Ms Setalvad for her work.

Since 2003, Ms Setalvad, a human rights lawyer, has been accused in at least seven cases - allegations range from violating India's foreign exchange rules and embezzling funds raised from riot victims to coaching witnesses in the trials.

But investigators were never able to charge her and the courts refused police requests for her custody to question her about five times.

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The 2002 riots in Gujarat were among India's worst outbreaks of violence in decades.

More than 1,000 people - mostly Muslims - died in the riots which began after 60 Hindu pilgrims died in a train fire, which was blamed on Muslims, in the town of Godhra.

The state's BJP government and Mr Modi were accused of not doing enough to bring the violence under control - an allegation he has consistently denied.

In June, the Supreme Court cleared him of complicity after ruling that there was no evidence against him.

Two days later, police arrested Ms Setalvad after registering a fresh case of forgery and criminal conspiracy against her.

Ms Setalvad, who denies the allegations against her, approached the Supreme Court for bail after her plea was rejected by a trial court and the Gujarat High Court deferred the matter for a longer period.

On Friday, the Supreme Court said that the high court would still take a call on her bail plea but granted her interim bail so she could be freed.