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Why COVID is surging in high-vaccination states

Cases are spiking in several locations with relatively high inoculation rates, prompting concern among officials who had hoped shots would help curb the pandemic.

States with surprising upticks »

Blizzard warning issued as millions brace for storm

'Asian food' joke puts new focus on Rittenhouse judge

Charged claim about 'Black pastors' rocks Arbery case

Family's heat-related death not an isolated case

New Jersey teen, missing for almost a month, found safe

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High schooler dumbfounded by neighbor’s refusal to pay for their broken laptop: ‘Take them to court’

A high school student is fed up with a neighbor who won't cover the cost of a broken laptop. They shared what happened on Reddit's “Am I the A******” forum. The high school student left their laptop on the porch for a minute.

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Visiting Chinese professor fights off armed robber using martial arts in LA

A Chinese professor visiting Los Angeles early this month fought off an attacker using martial arts in an incident that has gone viral across Chinese media. Martial arts hero: Zhou Pigai, a professor at Xiangtan University in Hunan, China, fought off an armed robbery attempt on Nov. 1, according to state-run news outlet China Daily. Pigai came to Los Angeles on Oct. 31 to attend an academic visiting program at the University of Southern California.

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Terry Crews is getting roasted for starring in an Amazon ad where he excitedly works at one of the company's warehouses

Actor Terry Crews is being dragged by critics for his latest Amazon commercial. Amazon warehouse jobs have high turnover, which former employees say is because of how they're run. Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews is being criticized for his starring role in a new Amazon ad.

Advertisement Advertisement Should the U.S. mint digital dollars?

“The U.S. is facing a world in which it may not control or even lead the world’s payment systems.”

“These currencies come with serious risks. Without additional privacy measures, central bankers shouldn’t establish them.”

“A digital dollar would give everyone, including the poor, access to a digital payment system and a portal for basic banking.”

“Even in prosperous times, [digital dollars] would provide a huge target for hackers and terrorists seeking fortune or havoc.”

“Many of the benefits of future innovation should be equally attainable with private blockchain-based tokens.”

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